Endosmart® Blue EditionTM
Retrieval Baskets with guide-wire technology

The Blue EditionTM of Nitinol retrieval baskets contains

  • shining, blue distal joining for better endoscopic vision
  • soft configuration for atraumatic manipulation
  • innovative guide-wire technology
  • flexible distal section
  • extreme kink resistance

Blue Edition - maximum flow

The 1.3FR basket increases the flow during endoscopic procedures, which improves the visibility. This allows the surgeon a safer positioning of the basket and results in a faster stone retrieval.

Blue Edition - Flachdrahtdesign

The flat-wire design

  • prevents the basket from bending sidewards when it is pulled into the shaft.
  • leads to stronger radial force, which provides a better handling of the basket.
  • makes the release of a grasped stone easier, since the flat wire carves less into the stone.

Blue Edition

Blue EditionTM, ball shape

Order number FR Length Diameter
6034-110 1.9 120 cm 12 mm
6034-153 1.3 120 cm 12 mm

For all variants are further shapes and sizes available upon request.

Download our Blue EditionTM Flyer.