Retrieval Baskets

Endosmart® Nitinol retrieval baskets are designed for grasping, manoeuvring and extracting stones or debris during surgical procedures. They are primarily designed for the field of urology, but can be customized to other surgical fields like ENT or ophthalmology.

For urology, different types of baskets are available: tipless, with tip and laser (co-axial); in different French/Charrière sizes (FR/CH).

All disposable devices are delivered either in a single pack (sterile) or bulk according to the customers' request. Endosmart® Nitinol sterile retrieval baskets for urology are certificated with our own CE-marking.

retrieval basket with handle


  • Manufactured from continuous Nitinol wires
  • No critical joints between the basket and shaft
  • Two complete lines for rigid and flexible ureteroscopic procedures
  • Ergonomic removable handle with patented safety mechanism inside

Discover more about our various types of retrieval baskets:

Tipless With tip Laser

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