Retrieval Device with guide-wire technology

One of ENDOSMART‘s latest innovations is the GOLD EDITION family of Nitinol retrieval devices for endourology, which are designed for grasping, maneuvering and extracting kidney stones during ureterorenoscopic procedures. Like the Blue Edition TM of tipless baskets, the members of the GOLD EDITION family are based on a new guide-wire technology, which gives the shaft the necessary stiffness and kink resistance without influencing the flexible distal section. In addition, a unique patented safety mechanism is integrated into the handle, which limits the load during manipulation and therefore increases the durability of the device.

GOLD EDITION - 3 arm design

The 3 arm design combines the benefits of a basket (safe capturing of stones and fragments) and a grasper (easy repositioning of stones), and therefore results in an optimal tool for stone extraction.


Designed for high durability

Reinforced gold shining tubings enable a higher durability and better visibility.

GOLD EDITION - flat wire

GOLD EDITION, ball shape

Order number FR Length Diameter
6040-001 1.9 120 cm 10 mm
6040-002 1.9 120 cm 8 mm

For all variants are further shapes and sizes available upon request.

Download our GOLD EDITION Flyer.

The retrieval device pictured is not for sale to customers in the United States and is not available for delivery into the United States.

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