Nitinol is unique! We unleash the potential of the intelligent properties and open up a wide range of new possibilities for your ambitious applications. Robotics, imaging, smart implants – shaping the future together!


Nitinol requires special treatment! While the processing of other materials is usually unproblematic, with Nitinol the main focus must be on maintaining the temperature-dependent properties. If the material is deformed in a cool state, it will return to its original shape after heating. Some processes can irreversibly damage both the material and the mold. Want an example? Massive wear occurs when machining nitinol. Constant (uneconomical) tool changes are the result.

The use of Nitinol in medical technology in the form of instruments and implants also usually requires special surface treatment.

Our team has built up extensive expertise in the processing of Nitinol over 20 years. Not only does the success of the process play a role, but also the cost-effectiveness in series production.


During the shape setting process, Nitinol is imprinted with a new structure under high temperatures.


A mechanical bond between Nitinol and other materials is usually the best way to resist large forces. But there are also alternatives.


Braids made of Nitinol are particularly flexible, durable and, depending on the structure, have advantages over laser-cut shapes.


Partial grinding of a wire made of Nitinol gives additional flexibility.

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