Endosmart® is known as an expertise for Nitinol

Publication from Dr. Bernd Vogel

Article in MDD autumn 2015

One of the medical magazines asked Endosmart® as an expertise for Nitinol to assist in the autumn edition.

Subsequently Dr. Bernd Vogel, our CEO with over 20 years of experience in the medical field, has published an article about Nitinol and its special features:

"The phenomenon of the shape-memory effect in metals is one of the most intriguing in material science. A piece of metal can be deformed quite easily, such as by simply winding a wire around the finger, but dipping it into hot water appears to completely reverse the change. ..."

You find the whole article here: Medical Device Development - Autumn 2015 .


Medica 2015, 16-19th November

World Forum for Medicine - Be part of it!

Medica 2015's hallmap

Endosmart® looks forward to welcome you on 16-19th November 2015 at Medica in Hall 15 - Booth G24, Baden-Württemberg International pavillion.

If there is anything you require in advance, please feel free to contact us.

The new retrieval basket "1.9 FR plus"

New 1.9FR plus nNitinol retrieval basket

Stutensee, October 2012: Now available – the new tipless basket "1.9 FR plus" with optimized components for even better performance:

  • Reinforced tubing for higher stability and kink resistance of the catheter.
  • Nitinol flat wire for even more stability of the basket against deflecting.
  • Handle with telescope solution which enables an easier disassembly.


Funded by the Ministery of Economics and Technology

Ministery of Economics and Technology in GermanySince May 2011, the German Ministery of Economics and Technology funds Endosmart® for the development of hingeless instruments for HF-therapy. The extreme elasticity of Nitinol allows to develop a new generation of endoluminal instruments for flexible endoscopes. The risk of harming tissue is minimal.