Renewing our certificates

New certificate from April 29th 2016

We proudly present our renewed certificates for the scope:

  • development and production of medical devices made of shape memory alloys as well as surgical instruments made of titanium and metal alloys
  • a combination of titanium and metal alloys and shape memory alloys in cleanroom environment
  • production of implants on behalf of customer specifications in cleanroom environment


  • stone retrieval baskets - for use in urology.

They are availble for download here.


Endosmart® expands its horizon

extension of the roomsFollowing the enlargement of the clean room, Endosmart® is also going to extend the production area. Due to the extra 300 square meters the production area will have enough space for a larger material ware house, room for new machines and new larger lounge as well as for larger area for packaging and labeling.

So the team of Endosmart® can meet further major challenges.


Endosmart® is thriving

extension of the clean room in 2015

Endosmart® has extended its clean room to 60 square meters. Thus, twice as many employees can work on the assembling of instruments in a clean environment. This enables Endosmart® to increase the number of employees to satisfy the increasing number of orders.


Thank you for visiting us

Endosmart on Medica 2015

The team of Endosmart® would like to thank for the numerous visits at Medica 2015 between 16-19th November.

Further information about our products find here.