About Endosmart®

Endosmart® GmbH ...

... is an independent development and manufacturing (OEM) company, specialising in medical Nitinol solutions.

... was founded in January 2001. It is based in Stutensee near Karlsruhe.

... offers a full range of services to OEM customers. From prototyping to serial production, regulatory matters included.

Product development and all production steps concerning Nitinol are done inhouse.

Endosmart team in 2018 The success of Endosmart® is driven by a strong team culture that is powered by skilled co-workers who demonstrate intense personal commitment and determination in their work. Our team of advanced engineers and material experts make Endosmart® a sophisticated solution provider for Nitinol medical components, instruments and implants. Endosmart® keeps quality alive. Once a week, all co-workers meet shortly in order to exchange issues of the work process and possible improvements. Attempts to improve the quality of the end-product and the production process itself as well as a constant awareness of how to serve best the partners and customers is part of daily worklife.

Download our brochure Smart Medical Solutions and Services.

Endosmart® runs a permanent showcase in Tuttlingen (ACIG).