Dr. Bernd Vogel, founder of Endosmart

„In my final thesis as a mechanical engineer, I was confronted with a challenge in the field of medical technology that could ultimately only be solved by the special properties of the shape memory alloy Nitinol. That gave me the opportunity to extensively study the material and its processing possibilities. Since that first meeting, an inseparable relationship developed between me and Nitinol, and the fascination continued. I was excited by the opportunities this material gave me in my research. Therefore, I became part of an international network of experts that took me not only to the most remote places in the world but also to the limits of technical feasibility.

Nitinol and medical technology became a perfect match and new paths were constantly being explored. The material offered everything required to reduce patient’s burden in major surgeries: Flexibility, durability, biocompatibility and also the unique ability to return to imprinted shapes.

This goal was my driving force to found ENDOSMART® 20 years ago – full of vision, optimism, and passion. And this has not changed until today! In cooperation with you, my team and I want to bring forth innovations that rethink existing therapies. We are your Nitinol expert!“

Corporate mission


Our vision is to reduce patient’s burden to a minimum by developing and manufacturing innovative instruments and implants for medical technology.

We make this possible through our extensive knowledge of the material Nitinol and its processing possibilities.


Quality is considered uncompromising in our company and is subject to the highest technical standards.

Thus, our partners and suppliers are also obliged to share this standard in order to guarantee first-class products for our customers.


Our success is based on a strong and motivated team, consisting of positive thinking people, who give their best possible commitment every day.

Sincerity and respect are the basis for a successful teamwork.


We strive for open, direct communication, with each employee being an equal part of our organization.

Leaders think and act across divisions and seize opportunities responsibly. Managers listen to the concerns and suggestions of individuals.

They model motivation and enthusiasm, encourage and challenge employees, and thereby enable change.


Our responsibility for the health of our employees has a significant influence on operational processes and decisions. Preventive measures are promoted, and employees are motivated by managers to take advantage of them.

Each individual pays attention to positive, respectful interaction.


In addition to the development and production of innovative medical technology solutions, we offer our customers a comprehensive service for the approval and validation of products.

Our openness, continuous communication and partnership-based approach allow ideas to grow together and lead to the long-term cooperation we strive for.


To fulfill our obligations, to secure our growth and to realize our ambitious goals, it is our duty to operate profitably.

The basis for this is long-term cooperation with our partners, focused on innovation.

To achieve this, we must seize opportunities responsibly and create space for new ideas and enable change within the company.


It is our daily endeavor to be seen as an innovative, competent and trustworthy company, which accompanies its customers on the way from an idea, through development and series production to approval and supports them with profound knowledge.

The serious and trustful handling of information of our customers and the respect of the laws is indispensable.

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  • 2022

    Aquired by Alleima® Group

  • 2020

    Opening of the second location in Karlsruhe


  • 2019

    Market launch of the Gold Edition

  • 2017

    Expansion of the clean room to 200m2


  • 2015

    Market launch of the Blue Edition TM

  • 2015

    FDA registration


  • 2009

    CE certification for retrieval devices

  • 2005

    Opening of the manufacturing site Lorenzstraße in Stutensee, Germany


  • 2004

    Winner of the ’Cyber Championship for innovative ideas

  • 2002



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