Endosmart® Blue EditionTM
Retrieval Baskets with guide-wire technology

The Blue EditionTM of Nitinol retrieval baskets contains

  • shining, blue distal joining for better endoscopic vision
  • soft configuration for atraumatic manipulation
  • innovative guide-wire technology
  • flexible distal section
  • extreme kink resistance

Blue Edition - maximum flow

The 1.3FR basket increases the flow during endoscopic procedures, which improves the visibility. This allows the surgeon a safer positioning of the basket and results in a faster stone retrieval.

Blue Edition - Flachdrahtdesign

The flat-wire design

  • prevents the basket from bending sidewards when it is pulled into the shaft.
  • leads to stronger radial force, which provides a better handling of the basket.
  • makes the release of a grasped stone easier, since the flat wire carves less into the stone.

Blue Edition

Blue EditionTM, ball shape

Order numberFRLengthDiameter
6034-110 1.9 120 cm 12 mm
6034-153 1.3 120 cm 12 mm

For all variants are further shapes and sizes available upon request.

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Tipless Retrieval Baskets

Blue Edition Strd Retr Baskets

Nitinol medical devices

Endosmart® as an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) supplies with highly effective standard Nitinol instruments. An impressive combination of Nitinol design features provides the devices with enhanced efficiency. The risk of harming tissue is minimal.

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Endosmart®'s diverse portfolio includes the following:

Retrievel baskets Laser applications Probes

All devices can be adjusted to specific customer needs.

Tip Retrieval Baskets

Straight and helical Endosmart® Nitinol retrieval baskets with tip consist of one single, slotted wire in order to provide increased radial forces. Excellent 1 to 1 movement of the basket facilitates easy stone capture.

Staight Helical

Standard Tipless Retrieval Baskets

The tipless design of Endosmart® Nitinol stone retrieval baskets permits the capture of calyceal stones even at the base of the kidney's calyxes.

  • Atraumatic manipulation in the renal pelvis due to soft joining
  • Different length, also suitable for new flexible ureteroscopic procedures
  • Kink resistant
  • Enabling full deflection up to 270° in a flexible ureteroscope
  • Small sheath diameter improves irrigation flow for better view

Tropfenform Grafik

Retrieval Basket tipless

Order numberFRLengthDiameter
6033-052 1.3 120 cm 8 mm
6033-053 1.3 120 cm 12 mm
6033-007 1.9 120 cm 8 mm
6033-008 1.9 120 cm 12 mm
6033-009 1.9 120 cm 16 mm

For all variants are further shapes and sizes available upon request.

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