Endosmart® as your OEM partner...

... develops and produces ready-to-use medical solutions out of Nitinol.

... completes the conformity assessment procedure.

... sells its products ONLY to PLM customers.

... supports its PLMs in the registration process.

You as our PLM customer ...

... register the products as manufacturer in your home country based on Endosmart's CE registration.

... distribute the products under your own brand.

... present your own company and product name on the label.

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Management of Endosmart®

Dr. Bernd Vogel

dr Bernd Vogel

He is industry renowned mechanical engineer, founded Endosmart®. He focuses on developments of medical devices out of Nitinol and other Smart Materials. He was the Leader of the Smart Material Develoment Group at the Research Center Karlsruhe, responsible for smart material (mainly Nitinol) projects and the employed people working in this group. The projects ranged from product development to investigation of new process technologies. He holds more than 20 years of experience in life science development. He safeguards continuous development of innovative products for today's medical market.

Karl G. Linder

Karl G. Linder

He looks back now on nearly 30 years of industry experience and is active as an investor in multiple software and medical device companies in the Karlsruhe technology scene. At Endosmart® Karl G. Linder is responsible for the strategic direction of the company.

About Endosmart®

Endosmart® GmbH ...

... is an independent development and manufacturing (OEM) company, specialising in medical Nitinol solutions.

... was founded in January 2001. It is based in Stutensee near Karlsruhe.

... offers a full range of services to OEM customers. From prototyping to serial production, regulatory matters included.

Product development and all production steps concerning Nitinol are done inhouse.

Endosmart team in 2017 The success of Endosmart® is driven by a strong team culture that is powered by skilled co-workers who demonstrate intense personal commitment and determination in their work. Our team of advanced engineers and material experts make Endosmart® a sophisticated solution provider for Nitinol medical components, instruments and implants. Endosmart® keeps quality alive. Once a week, all co-workers meet shortly in order to exchange issues of the work process and possible improvements. Attempts to improve the quality of the end-product and the production process itself as well as a constant awareness of how to serve best the partners and customers is part of daily worklife.

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Endosmart® runs a permanent showcase in Tuttlingen (ACIG).


Vision and Values

Our Vision is ...

... to develop and manufacture instruments and implants for minimally invasive surgery in order to reduce pain and recovery time of the patient,

... to offer first-class products and services,

... to provide our Nitinol expertise to the medical market.

Our Values are ...

... to be an independent development and manufacturing company,

... to have profound knowledge in Nitinol processing combined with a medical background,

... to be able to react fast to customer needs.