knochenklammer swIn general, Nitinol is a safe implant material as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved many devices for long-term implant applications. Nitinol's unusual ability to accommodate large strains, combined with its compatibility with the human body, have made it one of the most commonly used materials in medical device design.

Endosmart® develops and produces implants according to customer's requirements, e.g. for cancer diagnostics, orthopedics or spine surgery.

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Customized Solutions

Next to its products with own certifications Endosmart® offers a wide range of customized solutions of Nitinol medical devices.

Implants Springs Other devices

The following table shows in which surgical disciplines Nitinol medical devices can be applied:

Surgical DisciplinesRetrieval BasketsLaser Appl.Dilators & ProbesImplants & ComponentsOther Devices
Dental     endocircle endocircle  
ENT endocircle endocircle   endocircle Suction Cannulae
Cancer Diagnostics       endocircle Markers
Cardiac Surgery     endocircle endocircle Aortic Sizers, Suction Cannulae, Tissue Retractors
General Surgery   endocircle endocircle endocircle Spatulas, Suction Cannulae, Tissue Retractors
Ophthalmology endocircle endocircle   endocircle Spatulas
Orthopedics       endocircle Guide Wires, Tissue Retractors
Spine Surgery   endocircle endocircle endocircle Awls, Chisels, Elevators, Guide Wires, Nerve Retractors, Rod Templates
Urology endocircle endocircle   endocircle Graspers
Vascular Surgery     endocircle endocircle Needles, Ring Strippers
Veterinary Medicine endocircle endocircle endocircle endocircle Other Devices


Other Devices

Thanks to its extraordinary properties, Nitinol has opened significant markets in a growing list of medical applications:

Aortic SizerAwlsGraspers mit Staender neu

NeedlesNerve RetractorsRing Stripper

Suction cannulaesTissue Retractors

  • Rod Templates
  • Chisels
  • Elevators
  • Guide Wires
  • Spatulas
  • Markers

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Components for surgical instruments

Springs ComponentsEndosmart® develops and produces an expansive array of finished and semi-finished components for the Medical Device industry; from simple and delicate wire forms to complex and unique designs.

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